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Borderline is a young board games publishing company growing beetween Clermont-Ferrand, Paris and Toronto.

Founded by a group of friends to create Deal American Dream, Borderline continues its journey with new gaming inovations.

Without pretention, we hope to move the lines in the board games industry!

Dig your way Out is a board game taking place in a prison from which you must escape before the other players. You can build tools from scratch, buy them with cigarettes or extort your fellow inmates for theirs. Every dirty trick is allowed in jail!

A crowdfunding campaign for Dig your way Out will be launched soon. It will be an opportunity to enhance the game components with stretch goals and offer you some exclusive content!

Krom is a prehistoric board game. A real family game with the strategy of a true resources management game, Krom is made for a young public as well as for seasoned gamers!

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Krom is now available in store. For now, Krom is only available in French, but we are working on an English translation and we hope to distribute it soon all over the world! Meanwhile you can purchase the French version of Krom here.

Deal American Dream is a board game about drug trafficking in America. Strategy, bluff and negociation are necessary in order to become the boss of the bosses!

Deal came to life thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter back in 2015, and is now available in store. You can also purchase Deal right here. Every box contains all the component in English.



Krom the Prehistoric Game

Krom is a really fun board game for 2 to 5 players with simple and varied mechanisms!

Duration: around 40 minutes. Age: 7+ years old.


  • 1 reversible board (45x45cm)
  • 5 character boards
  • 5 standees
  • 120 cards
  • 131 tokens
  • 5 dice
  • 1 15cm Kromosaurus standee
  • 1 Kromosaurus board

Contains only French material!



Deal American Dream

Deal American Dream is a narco-strategic board game for 3 to 6 players about drug trafficking in America.

Deal Corner included: a little bluff game about gang war.


  • 2 games
  • 1 board (50x75cm)
  • 6 clans boards
  • 330 troops tokens
  • 30 dope tokens
  • 80 paper bills
  • 110 cards

Contains all elements in English AND in French.